Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier
Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier
Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier
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Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier

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Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier


Made in Spain
Dimensions: W: 190 x D: 335 x H: 475mm
Weight: 15 Kg
Power: Single phase, 10Amp plug (1050W)
Warranty: 12 months parts & labour

Rowzer is an attractively-designed, compact food processor and frozen food emulsifier that will enable you to create a wide range of ice creams and sorbets easily and quickly. It provides the perfect texture and optimum temperature as well as the portions required for the added freshness and cost control. The advanced design of its blades together with a high pressure air circulation system will inspire you to create new and unique frozen textures.

Makes fresh ice creams and sorbets at touch of a button
Compact, robust and very versatile with small footprint
High-quality injected aluminium body with ergonomic design
Portion selection: from 1 to 10 portions to prevent wastage
Texture combines fineness and temperature, obtained thanks to the design of the blades, with the lightness provided by the high-pressure air flow system
Easy to read rear illuminated blue LCD display with easy operation and alarm messages
Over-filling and anti-blocking alarms
Air Pressure: 1 Bar
Ideal food temperature: -20ºC
3x Independent motors: 800W motor for movement of the blades, 250W motor to raise and lower the shaft plus a third motor which incorporates a powerful air pump (15 l/min)
Special system for washing the shaft for easy cleaning. It guarantees longer life and performance
Removable tray simplifies the extraction of the container holder
Stainless steel container beaker with a capacity of up to one litre of frozen ice-cream
Easy to clean
Supplied with: Specially designed shaving blade, 1 x Active carbon air filter, 2x stainless steel containers with lids marked for 10 portions, 1 x container holder with sealing lid.

Rowzer will simply revolutionize the way you prepare ice cream. There are so many benefits:
ZERO food waste and easy ROI - Since you will be freezing and storing products at -20ºC, your food waste will be reduced to zero. Additionally, you will be preparing portion to portion further reducing your food waste. The machine will be pay for itself quickly through reduced food waste and increased sales and profitability.
Increase your menu offerings and profits with wider range of flavours - you will dramatically increase sales and profits by offering unique and surprising flavours.
Easy to operation and cleaning at the touch of a button - designed for easy operation, you only need to select the number of portions you need, up to 10.
Differentiate your venue with signature ice cream flavours - Use local seasonal ingredients to delight your diners; from vegetables to fruit, from salty to sweet, from fatty to light combinations. Rowzer will give you endless possibilities and unleash your creativity for ice creams, sorbets, mousses, creams, dips, sauces, soups, terrines and pates, etc.
There is no need for defrosting. Rowzer will only process the selected portions(from 1 to 10) without defrosting the rest, thus preserving the initial properties of the products. To do this, you need to freeze 800gr of product in the 1L container supplied with the appliance at -20ºC for 24 hours or using a blast chiller.
Place the food to be processed inside the container. Fill the container evenly up to the Maximum level.
Deep freeze the food in the container to -20ºC using a blast chiller or by holding in a freezer for 24 hours.
Insert the blade - Adjust blade in the axe tip together with the black container lid.
Insert stainless steel container of frozen food into black container holder and insert into Rowzer.
Select portions you need with single or double processing
Process - Rowzer will process the frozen food to the required number of portions
Rowzer is a compact food processor that will ‘micro puree’ sweet and savoury frozen ingredients in seconds to create sorbets, ice cream, ultra-light mousses, parfaits, soups and sauces, all without the need for thawing.

Meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, plus the liquid of choice, are placed in the beaker and into the deep freeze to -20°C for at least 24hrs.

The beaker then attaches to the Rowzer and the number of portions required can be selected, from one to 10, before pressing start. Individual portions including pâtés and farces to vegetable and herb concentrates, and even cocktails, are then produced in as little as 20 seconds, with no wastage.

Rowzer's precision blade spins at 2,000 rpm, shaving off a micro-thin layer of the frozen food, resulting in a fresh product with an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. And, because Rowzer processes deep frozen foods without thawing, it locks in freshness and flavour.

Ice crystals are no problem for the blades so you can hold syrups, crème anglaise, sorbets and ice cream mixtures longer than pre-made ones, and store them at a lower temperature, freeing up storage space and eliminating the need for a dedicated ice cream machine. Unused beaker contents remain frozen and can be returned to the freezer to be used later.

A special cleaning function lowers the spindle for easy access, and a removable base plate allows you to remove the container to cancel the blending function if required.

Rowzer is supplied with a standard blade and two stainless steel, one-litre containers with lids. An optional adaptor kit for Pacojet beakers is also available at extra cost.